Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Italy 2013

14 Days, that's the current count down. I'm getting very excited and I wanted to post the current schedule of events. My original fight plan has changed, as have my housing arrangements. So here's the deal... e-o:

This is my friend Paddy-

She and I met in an Acting Class in college back in 2006. She's German and was the one who helped me move to Europe as an Au Pair. It was her idea! She is getting married! To a wonderful man that she has been dating since she went back to Germany in 2007.

My dad use to be stationed in Italy under the U.S. Coast Guard and doesn't trust his daughter to those wild Italian men, so I'm not allowed to go alone to the wedding. That's where Holly comes in!
This is Holly-

We met a year ago when I moved to Florida. She is a wonderful person who shares my love for adventure and travel. She lived in the south of France as a young child for 2yrs or so and has been to Italy many times, but remembers very little of it. She has agreed to be my bodygaurd from the evils of Italian seducers! ;)

Tues. 6/25- Leave MCO at noon, with a layover in JFK. Final Destination: Pisa
Wed. 6/26- Arrive Pisa at 8am and meet Apartment leaser (Check out our awesome vacation rental!) Spend the rest of the day exploring Pisa
Thurs. 6/27- Day Trip: Rome
Fri. 6/28- Tuscany and meeting up with Paddy to assist with last minute wedding details.
Sat. 6/29- Wedding in Lari.
Sun. 6/30- Daty Trip: Florence
Mon. 7/01- Leave Pisa around 9am, another layover in JFK and arrive in Orlando 7pm

Short, but sweet! Plus experiencing life achievements with close friends! So exciting.

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