Slanting buildings

Feels like we're stumbled back in time.

The beauty of what once was.
The Rhine
Finest Rieslings in the world!

I love Fall.

I felt a connection with this statue.
The old outer wall of Frankfurt has given way to a beautiful park
The Frankfurt Opera House, a block away from my apartment.

This statue of Hestia was taller than a 10 story building!


Yodelin' hat

A beautiful country church near Fussen

My fellow Au Pairs

Childhood dreams coming true!

Luge anyone?

"Just a small town girl..."

I find doors make just beautiful pictures.

Street performers in Europe are so interesting!

They don't make 'em like they use to.

This man is indecent!
Going to Carnival

Christmas Markets in Germany are something everyone should experience at some point!

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