Thursday, May 5, 2016

Becoming a Business Traveler

For those of you who keep up with my Facebook posts as well, you'll know that in late January I accepted a new position as a Conversion Consultant for a large medical tech company. Now, what do I know about the medical field? NOTHING!
But I do know how to train people and provide emotional support during the go-live process. That's something I rather enjoyed when working for Disney and I'm happy to be doing it again.
More importantly, this new employment is 100% travel. This is an opportunity that I've dreamed of since I lived in Germany back in 2007! I had grown accustomed to a Jetsetter life and I've longed to go back to it. And while traveling for work isn't all the fun of country hopping in Europe, it is the ground work for a more travel driven life. I'm very excited for it!
So where has 2016 taken me so far? Louisville, Kentucky. 😏 I know, pretty glamorous. No, actually it was very nice. I stayed downtown and enjoyed the area immensely.
Travel Tips: If going to Louisville, I highly recommend the Downtown Fairfield Inn & Suites. It's in walking distance to nightlife and great restaurants! I personally check out 2 fantastic places- The Side Bar, a burgers, bourbon and beer joint.
And Dish On Market, where the fried chicken is a must!
Now,  I'm still gaining my footing on all this Corperate travel stuff, so I'm sure there'll be another post with tips and tricks. I'm also compiling a post about Hotel Living, because I'm getting pretty good at that. As far as travel points and the like, I'll probably not share too much on that. There's already a lot of info out there and I highly recommend following The Points Guy on Facebook. He's a guru on the subject!
Thanks for reading. More to come soon!

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