Provence, the South of France

In the far south of France you will find the most wondrous sights you may ever encounter. The simple beauty of the countryside and the basic lifestyle of the people keep this area locked in a time capsule of days gone by. If you're looking for a place to loose yourself, here are a few great suggestions.
The drive from Paris was a long one, almost 9hours.

But the sights along the way made up for it... A gas station with a Castle View? Killer!

From the city market.

If a town has a butcher shop, then SHOP THERE!

Goats for Sale... to eat?

This area was right around the corner from the apartment.
Home base: Beaucaire, France
The city sits on a river with ruins on both sides.

The great thing about the river dividing the city was the access to some amazing seafood!

This is one of the great wineries that provide a walk-through tour.

Aging room

Distillery process


Massive Vatts

A very beautiful sight.

Hotel/Restaurant/Winery/Castle... A dream come true!

See what I mean about being in a time capsule?!
A little piece of history around every corner.

Roman Aqueduct
View from the top.

Ruins of an amphitheater in Arles, Fr

Take a stroll
The harbor of Marseille

So many interesting fountains.

The bay of Casis

That's a lot of money in a row.

Rough Seas ahead!

A House with a View

Welcome to Sisteron

A Job Well Done... and these were only the ones we drank in the apartment!

Driving through the countryside... Kinda looks like Kansas

Well, Kansas but instead of Wheat or Corn, it's Heather!

Best Lamb of my life!

Moustier- Sainte- Maire, France near Verdon Gorge

Doesn't it look like a painting?

Gorge du Verdon- The Grand Canyon of Europe
Of course no trip to France is complete with a shot from la p√Ętisserie.

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