Sunday, February 28, 2016

"Good Morning Baltimore!"

Much to my disappointment, I only had a half day in Baltimore. The weather was just not cooperating! The morning was misty, damp and cloudy, but I still had a wonderful time. Since my time was short I chose to focus on just the Inner Harbor area. There's a lot more to the city of Baltimore, but the Inner Harbor is the hip tourist district.
Cost Saver's Tip: DON'T PARK ON THE PIER. It was horribly expensive. I parked on pier 5 because I was close to the attractions and would save me time! But it cost me $24 for just 3.5hrs of parking!
Any way, on Pier 5 is the Seven-Foot Knoll Lighthouse, along with some of the high-end dining establishments. 
But just before this I had an amazing thing happen to me. I stopped for coffee and the barista offered me an umbrella to use! It was a wonderful #RandomActofKindness and really made my day! Check it out! 
It has cats in it! 😸😽😻 which I'm allergic to 😷 so it was rather ironic. 😏
After the lighthouse, I went to cross the bridge towards pier 4 and came across the USCGC (United States Coast Gaurs Cutter) Taney. As I've perviously said, my Grandfather and my Dad were both in the Coast Guard so I always love to see tributes and memorials to them. 
Next it was on to pier 4! My main point of interest was the National Aquarium, but it didn't open for another 30 minutes (10am) so I went and explored the rest of that pier. There's several shops and restaurants, so if you're planning for lunch down there don't worry! Plenty of variety. I very much liked the look of their Barnes and Noble store. It was a beautifully renovated factory! 

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