Monday, November 12, 2012

Back in October this article was published : 9 Travel Apps Every Traveler Should Use

1. Travel App Box: It is made up of a collection of 15 tools which includes a tip calculator, country calling codes, offline maps, flight status and more.
2. Tripit: The app organizes all of your travel details in one place. I love it! Use it all the time now.
3. Around Me: Lists your options while telling you how far it is along with directions to get there.
4. Weather Channel App: Self explanitory
5. Camera+: MAC only- This app enhances the zoom, timer and stabilizer of your photos among other functions on your iPhone or iPad.
6. Evernote: Take pictures of receipts and other paperwork as well as taking notes on the go.
7. Wikitude Location Guide: It draws in helpful information about your surroundings and displays annotations of nearby points of interest.
8. FlightAware: You can check on flight status, gate information and changes, delays and cancellations.
9. Google Translate: Save yourself the time of learning the language and spare yourself some embarrassment!

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