Sunday, March 31, 2013

On TO the show.

I was reading an article how Mary Poppins is closing from Broadway. This really upset me because I had the opportunity to see it in Orlando a few months back and chose to do other attractions instead. Now I'm really regretting this... which brings me to: Seeing Shows On The Go!
Orlando might not have been the best example of a great city to see a show, but most major cities do host traveling acts of the Broadway stars. Wicked travels extensively, as does Mama Mia, Beauty and the Beast, Jersey Boys, the Book of Mormon, and a slue of other productions. Want to know what's showing near you? Here are a couple of sites your can hit up!
Touring Broadway is a website that lists all the major productions traveling across this country.
Broadway Across America is also very similar, however it's based on what's near you. So you'll need to know a zip code!

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