Sunday, November 24, 2013

Let's not lose it, shall we?

As Holiday travel is right around the corner I wanted to impart a few helpful tips on how to avoid the extreme headache of lost luggage. Thankfully I have only experienced this burden once in my many travels, but it was such an ordeal that I've since taken precautions to never deal with it again. So here are my suggestions:

Bold Bags: Black is not your friend. A majority of luggage is designed in black- sorry, I have no idea why. Don't be afraid to let your bag express your personality. This will help others from picking up at claims by mistake. It's also very useful if the airline does misplaces it. You'd be surprised what the airlines will notices and I've seen more than a few guests get a lucky break this way.

Ship It: Services like Luggage Forward or Luggage Free allow for a worry-free travel experience at the airport. You can send your bags straight to your Hotel, Cruise Ship, or even Golf Course. It can be pricey if overnighting- around $150 for a 50lbs bag- but it's not really that much more than the airlines and it's a LOT less than UPS.

Spy on Your Stuff: Just like you're smartphone, you can have GPS coordinates on your bags at all time with the Trakdot. The small box will send location updates through SMS, email or through the Trakdot app and website.

Good Luck to all you traveling this Holiday Season. Hopefully your Holidays are bright!
Safe Travels,

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