Monday, October 28, 2013

Where to spend those extra $$$$ on a cruise!

With my cruise on the calendar next fall I've been thinking on that oh-so important concept: BUDGET. Usually I find cruises to be an amazing deal and this one will be no different. However, once I add in airfare I'm getting very close to being outside my comfort level. Still, that's why I'm looking into it now. It will require savings and I need to start today.
So where will I cut back?
Probably in airfare (monitor for te best deal)
Where will I splurge?
I ran across this article online that suggested the following as the best options for areas to splurge on your next cruise:
1. Specialty Dining- Each ship has at least one signature dining experience on board. A survey of experienced cruisers (10 or more sailings) showed that budgeting for one meal out was well worth the cost.
2. Early Boarding- This option allows you on the boat prior to your cabin's availability. You'll still have to kill time, but on the ship that is much easier that in the harbor port. Some cruise companies offer unique experiences during this time. For example, Royal Caribbean usually offers free lessons on table games in their casinos during Early boarding hours.
3. Group Photos- If you are traveling with several different cabins or your cruise has more that 3 ports, this is a great deal! By paying a flat rate you receive all the pictures you're included in for the whole cruise.
4. Beverage Packages- From sodas to wine pairings, there are usually several types of beverage packages. The ship usually has a vast selection of wine, so the quality is guaranteed.
5. Laundry Service- Believe me, well worth the cost and the space it will save you in your suitcase! If you're cruising for more than 4nights, pay the fee!

Now I think for my trip I will be choosing laundry and a beverage package. If my flight works out to arriving EARLY, then maybe the boarding as well. We'll have to wait and see how this works into the budget.
More to come!


  1. Wait, what cruise are you doing? Have we talked about this? Haha. I am a fan of the beverage and laundry, for sure, and have never done the other three.

  2. This is just about cruising in general, but I am planning a cruise next October to Greece. I think I mentioned it to you during your visit. Also, Daniel and I are considering a cruise in the next month or so nut just a 3-5 night event.