Sunday, October 20, 2013

Decision Made

Well thanks for all the feed back! I loved some of the private messages. The votes were pretty much all for Manchu Pichu, completely understandable! I really considered it for a while. Then I received a message from my good friend, the Kiwi (bird, not fruit). She let me know that she was going to be in the SoCal region in late February for a wedding. This lead to some chatting amongst my friends who also work for the Mouse-- We're going to Disneyland!
I've never been, so I find this very exciting! But not to worry, this means I'll get to take a few other trips throughout the year. No way is my best friend Daniel going to let me get out of diving that easily! So here are my thoughts on 2014 so far:

February 16th-20th: California
  • Disneyland for atleast 2 days.
  • Maybe rent a car and visit Yosemite or Wine Country.
  • Maybe cross the boarder into Mexico.
Early June: The Florida Keys
  • Diving/Snorkling with Daniel
  • Chillin' with my friend Lexi on her dad's boat.
  • Enjoying the local food.
September or October: Cruise through the Caribbean
  • Possible locations: Belize, Honduras,  Eastern Caribbean
  • Definitely Royal Caribbean- NO CARNIVAL or Disney(which location-wise is limiting).
  • Going to hit at least 2 new countries on this cruise.--- can't forget to work towards my 30 by 30 goal!
Unknown: Kansas
  • I have to get home some time this year!
So that's how things stand. You'll be seeing a lot of planning going on soon. Especially for the California trip! I'm not sure who all will be going with me, but as it currently stands: Holly, Kristen, and Bret (Kristen and Bret are my roommates). It should be a good time, but I'm nervous- See next post to understand why ;)
Safe Travels!

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