Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lost but not forgotten

My title says it all today. I have been very lost lately, in work and career advancement. I have not taken the time to focus on my passion for travel and for sharing my passion with you, my readers. I'm hoping to change that. I'm trying my hardest to find a balance of work and personal time. This is a challenge everyone must face at some point in their careers, I'm just lucky enough that my passion for travel bridges my work and my personal loves.

But as I said, you are not forgotten! I recently was able to touch base with one of my great travel companions who will be visiting my this November and she reminded me of something I've been meaning to share with you all. She is my ticket to affordable travel!

Now how is that possible? Ever heard of a Buddy Pass?

A buddy pass is a coupon that is exchanged for an open seat on an airplane. When using a buddy pass, one doesn't pay for the actual flight, but pays for taxes and fees. Passengers using buddy passes are non-revenue, standby passengers who get the last open seats on flights after revenue passengers and airlines allocate buddy passes to employees that they can give to friends and relatives.

If you ever have the opportunity to travel this way, TAKE IT!!!! Often times these open seats are in first class! That's how I got to experience the luxury of Delta's First Class. It's been hard to go back to coach, but I really have NO money so I simple must.

This is why I have founded my new goal in life: Marry A Pilot!
Just kidding, but if he's dreamy then maybe I'm not ;)

Safe Travels, Friends! 

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