Monday, August 26, 2013

Being Fabulous on the Go

Some people travel without a thought to their wardrobe. I use to! Then in college a professor impressed on me how important perception can be in the travel industry. Now every trip is planned an packed in a simple, yet fashionable manner.
It's not hard. Heck, it's not even time consuming! Here is a basic example:
What have we done here? Well is was easy! Instead of assembling individual outfits, think instead of packing a collection – with pieces able to mix-and-match to perfection. Building a foundation of neutrals will allow for maximum mix-ability. 
  • White (1 top + 1 bottom + complimentary top in black)
  • Beige (1 top + 1 bottom + complimentary bottom in leopard print)
  • Navy (1 top + 1 bottom + complimentary top in chambray)
  • Tan (1 jacket)
  • Black (1 LBD)
Then need to add your non-neutral color(s) into the mix. Keep in mind that any foundation colors you choose should have a 1 top and 1 bottom in that color, as well as another complimentary item.
  • Sea Glass (1 top + 1 bottom + complimentary topper in tropical green)
  • Kelly Green (1 accent top)
  • Emerald Green (1 dress)
As you can see the outcome is very stylish and simple. I love how easy it is and you'll love how you look!

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