Saturday, August 17, 2013

Learning made EASY!

Ever since my friend's wedding in Italy I've been impressed with how much German I've retained over the years. Especially when you consider I never use it and only hear it when listening to the 20-some songs I have on my computer. Then my friend Holly was talking about how she's forgetting all her French and she use to be completely fluent, so she downloaded an app, a FREE app!
I was skeptical, just kinda nodding along in agreement when she would mention it. Then I see her using it in the break room at work the other day. It's soooooo perfect! She is learning all three realms: Reading, Writing, Pronunciation. Plus it works like a app game, which in this generation is the perfect solution to "homework". I downloaded it and played through 2 sets of the Basics. It was such a nice review. Each leason focuses on 5 to 8 works and proper usage.
So here it is: Duolingo
Duolingo offers extensive language learning lessons and tools with a gamified skill tree which users can progress through, and a vocabulary section where learned words can be practiced. Users gain “skill points” as they learn a language, such as when they complete a lesson. Skills are considered “learned” when users complete all the lessons associated with the skill. Up to 14 points are awarded per lesson, with one deducted for each mistake. Users start with four “lives” on early lessons, and three on later lessons, a “life” being lost with each mistake. A user must retry the lesson if they make a mistake after all lives have been lost. Duolingo also includes a timed practice feature, where users are given 30 seconds and twenty questions and awarded a skill point and seven or ten additional seconds for each correct answer.
If you've ever wanted to learn a new language, this is the ticket!

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