Saturday, January 11, 2014

The ways of wanders.

There are few things in life that I love more than travel, but meeting a fellow Vagabond is definitely one of them. It's rare in this world that you find those few people who share your soul- desires, passions, ambitions. When it happens all that can remain is a bond of a lifetime. And for me, it happened this even as a Rocco's Tacos of all places!
I was attending a good friends birthday party. Unfortunately, this friend and I share very few friends so I had resigned myself to an evening of awkward small talk and pregnant pauses in conversation. When you're as much of a people person as I am you just know when you're going to be carrying a conversation and when it will just flow. Then out of the blue my friend introduces me to a colleague of his and says "oh you'll have loads to talk about with all the traveling you've both done." And that's how you get my attention!
We talked for well over an hour about where we've been, where we'd like to go,  her time living abroad, my time as an au pair- just on and on. If I didn't have plans for tomorrow, we would have stayed out for another hour at least!
Can I just say, when you really connect with someone it does 2 amazing things for you: rekindles your passion! I can't wait to get out there and see more, maybe with a new travel buddy. And it restores your faith in your fellow man- they may not love all the things I love, but there are a few people with a wandering soul out there. You just have to find them!
So to all my fellow wanders, Happy New Year and let's meet soon!

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