Friday, January 24, 2014

Deals, DEALS, DEALS!!!!!

Ladies and Gents,
I got a little bored at work today and started hunting through my favorite travel sites. You need to know about some of these deals!!!!

MCO to DUB: fly to Dublin for just $590! Delta is selling a 4 night trip on 2/20-02/24. I know that's soon, but if you can do it- GO!! As found on Google Flights.

MCO to LIM: fly to Peru for only $495 the whole month of May... Basically! For a 5 night stay. Really great deal, found on Google Flights.

Athens: Groupon is running a10day trip with Airfare for just $1,999! They have lots of fine print so read it through. But that is an amazing rate on that trip!

Vietnam: Again, Grouping has an airfare and lodging package for 12days! Only $1,699. Great, SAFE opportunity to see this part of the world.

Cruising: From New Orleans you can hop a 7night cruise through the Bahamas for less than $69 a night! Royal Caribbean is offering this for $479 per person and for two separate sailing dates in Feb. Check it out!

More Cruising: From Miami to Barcelona Norwegian Cruise line is offering 11nights for only $509!!! Sure you have to buy a one way ticket back, but for only $47 a night I'm sure you can afford it!

Well that's all for now. It's the prefect season for vacationing. Around the world February is the least expensive month to travel. Keep it in mind and get out of town!
Happy Travels,

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