Monday, February 24, 2014


So the question on everyone's mind: How did I enjoy my first trip to Disneyland?! Answer: It was AMAZING!
What an experience?! And that right there is the difference between WDW and Dland. WDW is a destination, but Dland is an experience. That's why over 50% of guests at Dland are Annual Passholders. They are local and coming here is something they like to do as often as possible!
So you want to know my ratings? Well I'm not a Disney Blogger, but I will give you my top 5.
#5. The Monorail:
Due to a tragic accident in 2009, guests are no longer allowed to ride in the front cabin of WDW monorails. However, since Dland only has 1 track and no more than 2 trains at one time they still allow guests to the front. WHAT A VIEW?! The loop takes you from Tomorrowland over through California Adventure and The Grand Californian Resort to Downtown Disney and back again. Plus in the front you can have an amazing chat with the pilot.

#4. California Screamin':
This is not your average Disney coaster! Loops and barrel rolls have it living up to it's name and the soundtrack is killer too. We road it about half a dozen times and never waited more than 20minutes. It was a holiday weekend, so I found that to be amazing as well!

#3. FOOD!!!!:
All the food! It was so good. I didn't have a bad bite the whole trip. I wish WDW would get some of these restaurants over here. For Table Service we dined at Golden Vine Winery and Carnation Cafe. For quick service... Well I ate a lot, but my 2 favorites were Pizza Port (huge portions!) and The Cozy Cone Motel (everything is served in a cone!).
My chili CONE queso
My "not bad" face when trying a PB&J drink at Carnation Cafe.

#2. Street-mospher:
This is all the extra-magical shows you sometimes stumble upon at a Disney park. I've always loved these, but they can be hard to find at WDW. But not in Disneyland! We saw so many and I just loved them. In Fantasyland we saw The Pearl Button Band. At New Orlean's Square we stumbled upon The Bootstrap Band. On Main Street there was a Fire House band, and tons more we didn't get to see. Entertainment quality is high in these parks. I really recommend seeing as many shows as you can!

And finally-
#1. World of Color:
Wow, just wow. I cried, not even going to try and cover that up. The first time we saw it we got fast passes... Kinda a huge waste. I couldn't see anything behind these 6foot guys. The 2nd time we spent the best $30 of my life for a dining package. We bought lunch at Golden Vine Winery and it came with reserved viewing area. Guys, I was on the railing! By the time the show was over my hair looked like I'd just come out of the shower! My world was rocked. I can't say enough good things, but go and see it! It will change your life.

So did I have a good time? It's Disney, how could I not?! But it was an exceptional trip. I can't wait to go back again and experience the magic.
Honorable mentions to my list:
Disneyland Cast Members! They were phenomenal. Every interaction was one of the best I've had with a cast member to date. WDW could take some pointers from them!
Trader Sam's- it's a bar at The Disneyland Hotel. Something happens every time you order a signature drink from the menu. Go and enjoy the show!

Until next time, fellow travelers!

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