Thursday, May 1, 2014


Many of you will remember my friend Holly from our trip to Italy last summer! She's a fellow vagabond and has recently returned from an amazing journey: 28 days, 11 flights, 4 countries, and more memories than you can shake a fist at. Over the next few days we'll be seeing some updates on her adventure. For now though I'd just like to share a few things.
1. Here's all the cool stuff Holly got me: 
2. I'm moving back to Kansas City in 1 week. The move is mostly to be closer to family, but I'm also hoping it will result in a better job which will allow for more travel.
And 3. For the move I will be road tripping all the way from Florida to Kansas, so that should make for a great post!
Look for more here real soon, because the month of silence was too long. I gotta catch up.
Happy Travels,

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