Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Sorry readers, I haven't meant to leave you alone for so long. Back in mid May I moved back to the Kansas City area and threw myself into the job hunt. It took longer than I though with my background but I've finally found a great position with Par Exsalonce Salon and Spa as a Guest Relations Lead. Basically I oversee training and operations of all non-service provider roles within the Main office (1 of 3). It's my hope to move up to all 3 locations by this time next year!
Currently I'm living with a roommate in Merriam, which is everything Orlando wasn't! Tons of local businesses (seriously, I eat way too much), awesome shops just minutes away, and I live in an actual house!! In a neighborhood!!!! It's awesome and I'm loving it. My roommate is somewhat of a challenge, personality wise but we're trying and the rent is too good to move.
So this big move definitely changes my travel plans! Sadly, my big trip this fall is off the table. I'm now going to a friend's wedding in mid October in Florida, so I'm turning that into a 5day-4nt excursion. It will include Disney, Universal, and Jacksonville.
Also, the annual Campout is back on! Now that I'm close enough to organize it, I can't wait. And my parents have offered to let me use their pop-up camper... For a fee. I have to clean and reorganize their storage issue! I don't mind. In fact, I've already started. So look forward to more camping posts this summer!
Finally, next year's annual DISNEMAW trip is going to California! Ryan and I are already scheming away, so be prepared for travel ralate tips on bookings as they happen... I just want to clear this up: while I no longer work for Disney, I do not plan to release any information they may allow you to cheap their systems. So if you're looking for that, take a hike! I have loyalties, and many of my good friends are still under the powers of their brainwash... I MEAN, they still work for the mouse. I wouldn't want to give away their secrets. Also, this blog is about travel- to all destinations. I don't want to just talk all Disney, all the time. That's what I do with Ryan! It's exhausting. ;)
Ok. That's all the announcements I have for now. More to come soon, I promise!

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