Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cruise: It's popular for a reason!

Cruises have really made an impact in the last fifteen years or so, with all the major cruise lines adding new ships to their fleets. But what makes cruises so popular and why might you consider choosing one for a vacation? Well, let's take a look at what all they offer:
Worry-free multiple destination travel.
     Wouldn't it be wonderful to go to bed in one place and wake up somewhere new and exotic? Of course it would! Well that's what cruises offer. Long gone are the days of dad driving while everyone sleeps through the night. Dad, you need a vacation too!
No cooking, cleaning or even reservations. 
     The all-inclusive nature of cruising is very attractive in this economical climate. With all your main requirements (food, lodging, and the cruise itself) included in the ticket price, you won't have a heap of expenditures to worry about once you're on board.
A cruise for everyone.
    In the early days, cruises tended to be most popular with the retired and the wealthy, or as I refer to them: Gray-hair cruises. While many of those folks still enjoy cruising today, there really are no stereotypes about your average cruiser any more. There are cruises that are great for families with children, others that cater go couples, some with special events for singles or gay and lesbian passengers, some that are perfect for active adventurers, and some that are low-key and cater to those who just want to relax. While demographics vary from ship to ship, there really are cruises for any kind of person who's looking to see the world and have a good time. If you're not sure you want, try one of the mainstream lines. They are known for having a Vegas vibe, where there are entertainment options for just about everyone. If you prefer peace and relaxation to constant entertainment, choose a small ship or a luxury line.

So you're interested, but how do you get started? Well take some advice. It's highly unlikely that you don't know someone who has cruised before. Your friends are the best critics out there! However, if you are one of the unicorns our there, try Cruise Critic. They'll help you find the perfect cruise for you. 

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