Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vacation Rentals I HIGHLY recommend

So as I've mentioned previously, I stayed in this amazing vacation rental this past summer in the south of France. Well I found in on I'm a big fan of this site, but there are several like it and I'm sure they are equally reliable. Today I'm going to list a couple great deals I'm found in my research. The locations are going to be all over the world, so I hope you find one that will be perfect for that next big trip.

1. Mammoth Lake, California: $840 per week for up to 8 guests. That breaks down to just $15 a night!!!! Rental #957906, it's a beautiful 3bed, 2.5bath.

2. Beaucaire, France: A max of $980 per week for 8, so $17.50 per night. This rental is all about the balcony! The true bonus is that the little town has some amazing restaurants. If you like wine and mussels, you can't find a better place. Rental car is really required. Rental #309491

3. Killarney, Ireland: Max= $788, but a smaller rental only sleeping 5. That's a bit more expensive at nearly $23 per night. The bonus is that it's super charming. Rental #927397

4. Athens, Greece: $860 for 6 people, which is  $20.50. Bonus is that it's a mixture of City and Seaside, but you will want a rental car. The view is worth the drive. Rental #995499

5. Prague, Czech Republic: $700 for 4 people making it only $25 per night. The city of lights is a very affordable destination and the winters are pretty mild. I visited in January and only need a light coat and scarf! The city is full of history, and should be on any backpacker's list. Rental #63031

6. Monteverde, Costa Rica: $750 for up to 14 people!!! So $7.50 a night, AMAZING! You'll need a rental car, or I suggest a JEEP- the roads are bad. This is a great area, you have a ton of stuff to see: a volcano, a cloud forest, coffee plantations, ziplines... and it's only a 2 hour drive to the beach! Please check it out. Rental #170000

7. Sunshine Coast, Australia: $675 per week, but only sleeps 6 making it $16.50 per night. This is a condo, not a free-standing house like the others so far. I'm not as familiar with Australia's Public Transit, but according a friend who is local you do not need a car. It's just north of Brisbane, which is a fairly large city. Rental #404407629

Those are some of the great deals I've come across so far. There are just tons of them on the site, all it takes is a some research. Let me know if you need any advice on it!

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