Monday, January 14, 2013

Backpacker's pantry

For a while now I've been interested in creating a reoccurring post about the joys of traveling BROKE... something I know all about. This is the first of those posts and it's all about a traveler's favorite experience: Food.
When traveling on an extreme budget, it's best to choose your meals wisely. I try to eat a solid breakfast, maybe even a local one. Then at lunch, pack your own! I like to shop at open air markets or a local grocery store. If you make or buy a type of trail mix or dry mix to snack on between meals. Finally, dinner is a best from a cheap cafe or dive bar.
Here's  what the type contain I just to travel with when I'm backpacking.  This image has a lot of junk mixed in it, but if you're buying from a market then you can pick up some local goodies!
Another good tip for cheap meals while traveling is favor packets like this.
These are a collection of mostly German brands, but they make more than sauce. Lots of great flavor packed up in one of these little envelopes. I've mixed them in with Eggs or just grounded meat. Them make some pretty killer burgers!

Look forward to the next post on Backpacker's post!

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