Saturday, January 26, 2013

Comparing Frequent Flyer Miles

Everybody wants to know which airline has the best frequent flier program, but there's no one-size-fits all answer. Its based on who you fly with most often, where you're going and how do you want to spend your points. Here are some general guidelines about award-bookings rules and fees that may sway your loyalties. Most programs have similar rules and award levels, except for JetBlue and Southwest, which award points- not miles.
Besides fees to make changes or book a ticket at the last minute, you usually have to pay taxes and security fees when you travel on an award ticket sometimes a surcharge of $10-$30 if you book over the phone.

Program      Cost to Change      Fee to Redeposit Miles     Surcharge     Days Before Booking

Alaska Air        $75 or free within 3              $75                    $60 within 3           330
800-252-7522    days of booking                                      weeks of departure

American           $100 (no charge to          $100         $50 for travel within 7-20 days      331
AAdvantage,      change date or time,                          $100 for travel within 6 days

Continental            $50                     $50              $50 within 4-14 days             330
OnePass,                                                                 $75 within 3 days

Delta SkyMiles,          $50               $75               $75 within 20 days                 331

JetBlue TrueBlue,             $45                       n/a                        n/a                      n/a

Southwest                 None                     n/a                           n/a                   about 90
Rapid Rewards,

United Mileage         $100 (no charge for              $100             $50 within 7-13 days,         330
Plus,                         change to date or time)                                 $75 within 6 days

US Airways           $100 (no charge for      $100       $75 over phone within 14 days       330
Dividend Miles,     change to date or time)                     No charge online

There you have it, you can make your own decisions from here. Each person has different goals, so find the program that works best for you!
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