Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Gifts to Inspire Travel

We all have those friends who needs a little... push to help them embrace their inner-vagabond. If you're searching for a great gift to inspire them to get out and go, here are some fun ones.

Regional Wine Samplers: I'm actually doing this for two friends this Christmas. They are just a wonderful gift and if you're willing to splurge you can also add a gift membership on for your friend. There are two options for memberships and both have some pretty sweet perks.

Scratch Off Map: A friend bought this as a graduation gift for me. I find myself constantly want to go somewhere new when I look at my progress so far. It also helps you pinpoint those areas of the globe which you've completely ignored!

Gift Basket: This is my favorite shop! I can spend hours getting lost in here and usually walk out with over $100 in products afterwards. During the Holiday Seasons you can design gift baskets which can feature a single location or a whole region of the world!

An Experience: This one is more for if you know your friend is going somewhere. Make them reservations at a restaurant they've never tried or book an excursion they might think about, but never follow through with! I've done with not only at Christmas, but weddings too. If you know the Couple are going to Fiji, then look into fun outings for their trip!

A Book or Film: Inspire your friends through the gift of Words, both written and spoken.

So go and inspire someone this Holiday Season. We need more Vagabonds in the world!

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