Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Traveling Alone

Solo journeys are something I true love. I embrace the excitement in knowing that this trip might change me and only me in some profound way. As a solo traveler I am more likely to stray from a path and just follow where my wondering heart leads... often I get lost, but the places I find are well worth the taxi ride back.
However, as a solo traveler I am reckless. I rarely think about my safety, which would make my family shiver. A 26yr old woman in a foreign place alone is a very easy target. Budget Travel post this article recently and I couldn't agree more. So what can we do to stay safe when traveling alone?
Dress: Be appropriate. What you are wearing says a lot to the public and in certain countries can seem as an invitation. Modesty is always the best policy.
Communication: I try to let my friends and family know points of contact on any trip I am taking. It usually includes my itinerary, housing information, and a schedule of times they should expect an email from me. I also have photocopies of all of my travel documents (passports, visas, birth certificate) with my next of kin.
Day Travel: Do most of your sightseeing during the day. If you want to visit something at night, be cautious. Stay in well-lit areas with lots of people.

Most importantly, use common sense. This is your safety! After all, we don't want this trip to be your last.

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