Wednesday, December 12, 2012

MIA, my bad!

Sorry I've been absent from the blog in the past two weeks. I have been moving apartments and going through the processes of an internal transfer with one of the largest companies in the world. It's all very excited and equally confusing, but for the most part my life is settling down a bit.
Something that I've observed during this move is that I am a terrible packer when it comes to moving! I can pack for a trip or vacation, but packing up my entire life is something that I have NO skill at. As I begin to sift through boxes and choosing new place for my treasures I find myself thinking "Why is this packed with this?! That makes no sense." Just goes to show how finite my skill set is!
Other announcements: My trip to Italy is on fast approach and I am excited to announce that the 2nd destination for this trip is going to be Budapest! There will be a blog highlighting this city in the near future. Also, my best friend has moved to Birmingham, so be prepared for a blog about that city after my next 3 Day weekend.
Lots happening people, isn't it so exciting!

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