Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Not the work of an artist

I've never taken a photography course or followed a blog about it, but throughout my travels I have been fairly lucky with my pictures. I'm not sure what makes a great photo. I think it's something to do with lighting and composition, but for me, it's usually luck. Here are my favorite pieces of art down by my own hand. Share some of yours as well!
Lake Arenal, Costa Rica- I like the contrast of Shadow and Sunset.

Prague, Czech Republic- These are just parking barricades, but they lined up nicely.

Kassel, Germany- Looks like something from Lord of the Rings to me.

Rhine River, Germany- Perfect visual summery of late autumn in Germany.

Washington D.C., Human Art

Amsterdam, Holland- This was the set up of some little tourist shop and it turned out so great! Definitely my favorite!

Gothenburg, Sweden- The Grass on either side makes this photo really pop!

So are there any photos you've taken that have made you stop and think "Wow! Did this come from my camera?!" Share them with us!

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