Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rental Cars

I've rented cars in both Europe and Central America. Neither has been an enjoyable process, but to get the most experiences out of certain locations you sometimes can't void the pains. OR if you're traveling in a larger party, it is sometimes more economical to rent a car. Just beware, there are so many hidden fees with car rental. Budget Travel posted a great article about it, but those are just a few. Here are the ones that I had to learn the hard way!
Filling the Tank: In the U.S. we sure complain about the price of fuel, but let me assure you that we are better off than our European counterparts! On my Euro-Road Trip this past summer we spent more that 800EUROS in gas. It was unexpected and in the end, we wished we would have saved the money and each bought a rail-pass instead.
G.S.P Fee: This is the same everywhere, but in the U.S. I would never have thought of NEEDING a GSP. I'm pretty handy with a map, so I'm usually replying on those skills. However, in countries where I can't read the road signage as well, I have splurged on a G.P.S.- splurged being the operative word!
Like I previously stated, sometimes the need for a car is unavoidable, but here are some interesting alternatives. No matter where you travel, local or abroad beware of the hidden fees of the rental car!

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